In the previous episode we saw Shayan give Wajih a well deserved slap. In the episode that followed, tensions intensify. After the chaos Wajih orchestrates at Mannat’s house, we see a very composed Saba Qamar. Its very rare to see a female character acting so calm and composed in such a situation. Saba Qamar essayed Mannat’s role to perfection as she depicted how strong and mature Mannat is. Saba Qamar’s performance was phenomenal.

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Saba Qamar

The following scenes were extremely powerful and intense. In a very gripping and intense scene, an enraged Shayaan pays his brother Wajih a visit as he is sure this is Wajih’s doing.

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As the duo previously had a fitting and vicious encounter in the previous episode, one gets on their toes when they see Wajih and Shayaan in front of each other again. In addition, the scene was very well directed. Full points to the director here who crafted that scene beautifully.

Shaayan like Mannat suppresses his anger and keeps his calm. The actor delivers powerful dialogues in a heroic, cool and calm manner which has become his signature style.

He didn’t get angry, he did’t use force and he didn’t use any foul language and yet he makes his point crystal clear to Wajih. He warns him not to mess with his wife again and mocks him for attacking a female from behind. Hands down to the writer for writing such brilliant dialogues there.

Emaad Irfani

In the end, Wajih continues to surprise us with his various dimensions. Not only does his character have so many shades but Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance is also magnificent.

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After receiving a slap, one expected to see an extremely violent Wajih but the way he responds to Shayaan came as a surprise. His acting was marvelous. Wajih’s quite indicates the calm before the storm.

Bilal Abbas Khan

He says just one word and walks away while his expressions speak volumes. Wajih expresses the tornado within, without saying anything and it was mind-blowing how he looked so innocent. Wajih’s character is full of surprises and his character is definitely the best one in the serial right now.

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