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Abu Aleeha, the director of Kataksha is back in a span of just one month with a low budget thriller Tevar. The film star Sukynak Khan, Taqi Ahmed and Mathira and its set in back in 1989 during Orangi Operations in Karachi.

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Story revolves around a family which that held hostage during police emergency. The whole plot revolves around them being tortured and fighting for survival. The plot does sounds exciting but it is not executed with perfection.

There are some very fine performances by the cast especially Sukynak Khan and the villain Sharique Mehmood. Sharique has played the villain part perfectly and he was able to translate his terror on to the big screen. At the same time Sukynah managed to give us strong vibes during her efforts for survival.

The dialogues are quite interesting as it seems that a lot of work has been done on them but they are quite heavy and not easily digestible. The flow of the script is quite fine but for a thriller the film has the biggest issue i.e. its predictable.

Throughout the second half you can tell where the film is heading but the performances make it a decent watch. Tevar also lacks in the department of music. The film does miss a good background music for a thriller.

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Cinematography and production was quite fine especially for the small budget of the film. The film does carry its own flavor throughout via dialogues and flow but its get predictable and dialogues are quite heavy to digest. Its a one time watch!


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