Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s upcoming Terminator Dark Fate teaser dropped and lets just say it is not all that exciting.

The film starts the veteran actor as T -800 alongside Linda Hamilton who will be reprising her role as Sarah Connor. While we saw Sarah in action, T- 800 was hardly there in the teaser. The film also stars Mackenzie Davis (Grace), Natalia Reyes(Dani Ramos), Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

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Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

The teaser indicates the film being more centered around Reyes and Davis than Schwarzenegger which is a major let down. The teaser opened with the duo trying to escape a terminator when they are rescued by Connor. Connor plays their guardian angel and she is determined to protect Ramos.

Most of the teaser showed the girls in action.The visual are partially good but some look very fake, the cinematography on the other hand is beautiful. The background score is very intense and draws us into the teaser. While the music remains consistent, just a few seconds into it we loose interest in the teaser all together.

Official First Look at the Women of the New TERMINATOR (from left to right) Natalia Reyes as “Dani Ramos,” Mackenzie Davis as “Grace,” Linda Hamilton as “Sarah Connor”

The teaser fails to strike intrigue or curiosity, and we cannot help but wonder where is Schwarzenegger. We only catch a glimpse of him and that is about it. Lets just hope the trailer brings him in action as there isn’t a terminator movie without him at its core! The teaser comes off as mediocre, lets see what the trailer has to offer, before we rule out on this one.

The film seems to be bringing female heroes to the front in wake of the on going moment of inclusivity. Even Avengers Endgame had its feminist moment with all the female superheroes assembling, and it was pretty uplifting. Not that women need assurance of their worth but shifting focus from male dominating action genre is a good move. Will it prevail in case of Terminator Dark Fate, we will have to wait and watch.

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The film is the sixth installment of the franchise yet it will act as a direct sequel of the first two movies relegating the events of the intervening films to alternate timelines.  Produced by James Cameron and from the vision of Deadpool’s director Tim Miller, “Terminator: Dark Fate,” which will hit theaters on Nov. 1.

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