After Kankar, Sanam Baloch to raise her voice for equality in Khaas!

Khaas is an upcoming drama on Hum Tv. Sanam Baloch will be returning to dramas after a long hiatus alongside Ali Rehman. The drama appears to be, as the title suggest a very special story of a woman who will choose self respect over love, defining what truly makes her “Khaas”.

The drama has been written by acclaimed writer Sarwat Nazir, who has highly adored dramas Main Abdul Qadir Hoon and Umm-e-Kulsoom to her credits.

The drama has released two teasers, the first one is a dramatic and emotional teaser that shows us Sanam Baloch in a headstrong character claiming that relationships are made on the basis of equality. She expresses her love for the man, claiming that had he treated her like a friend, she would have given him her all, but he acts as if he owns her.

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The drama questions society’s stance on women, and how men tend to treat women as their their belongings or only their honor instead of an equal. She further states, “I could have been your wife, but I refuse to be your “Baandi”(slave)”

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The teaser reminds us of Sanam Baloch’s old drama “Kankar” alongside Fahad Mustafa. Sanam Baloch’s character stands against domestic violence in Kankar and it appears she will be preaching women empowerment once again in “Khaas”. However, we are sure Khaas will have a lot more to offer.

The drama appears to be meaningful and is bound to be an emotional and close to reality deception of our society.

Watch the teaser here:

The second teaser shows Ali Rehman’s character falling in love with the protagonist played by Sanam Baloch. He terms her “Khas” and yet we see in the first teaser, that he will fail to treat her as so.

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The storyline appears to be very powerful, and with such seasoned and lovable actors, we are surely excited to see how “Khaas” unfolds.

Watch the second teaser:


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