Mera Rab Waris

Madiha Imam and Danish Taimoor will be sharing the small screen in an upcoming drama, “Mera Rab Waris”. The 7th Sky Production will be airing on Geo Tv.

The adorable Madiha Imam is currently being seen in Baba Jani where she plays a loving daughter to Faysal Quershi. Whereas the talented Danish Taimoor was previously seen in Ru Baru Ishq tha and Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Krta Hai.

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Geo Tv dropped the drama’s teaser which appears to be addressing the typical mindset of our society. A man doubting his wife/woman’s character and believing that her character would bring a bad name to his family and hurt his honor. A man refusing to believe his wife/women and letting his ego and anger take the best of him. The concept of “Gairat” and “Izat” has been blurring lines in our society since long, taking away one’s ability to pass better judgement.

The duo share a dramatic moment where they are both in pain and yet it clearly shows that they have feelings for each other. However, the man seems to be tangled in an invisible pressure that looms over him, refraining him from believing the girl/his wife. It appears that in his ego, anger and haste, he is likely to make the wrong decision.

Danish’s character asks Ayesha played by Madiha to put her hand on the Quran and swear that she has a pious character. Ayesha gets hurt in return and asks him, “Are you questioning my character?” The response she receives deeply hurts her. She is told “Baat tumharay kirdar ke nai, meri Izat ke hai”

The teaser ends as Ayesha refuses to put her hand on the Holy book leaving behind several unanswered questions. Its very likely that she did this because she has been let down by a man from whom she expected better.

The other obvious answer would be that she is hiding something however this is very unlikely to be the truth, but her husband surely seems to thinks so as his judgement has been clouded by his ego. The man looks devastated in the end as his doubts further aggravate.

Madiha Imam and Danish Taimoor are playing their characters to perfection and the drama will surely be an interesting play. This was the first teaser of the drama, lets see how the story unfolds in the rest of the teasers.

The drama has been directed by Asad Jabal. The story is penned down by Qamar Jahanzeb. Among other cast members, Hira Hussain will be seen in the drama along with Abid Ali, Fazila Qazi and Semi Pasha.

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