Ayeza Khan, Muneeb Butt and Junaid Khan

Exciting new drama “Yaariyan” has dropped its first teaser. The drama features a star studded cast. It stars Koi Chand Rakh famed duo Ayeza Khan and Muneeb Butt alongside the talented Junaid Khan and Momal Sheikh in pivotal roles. They are essaying the roles of four close friends. Among many dramas with a run of the mill plot line, Yaariyan bases upon the ups and downs of love and touches the theme of “Friendship”.

The teaser shows a very glamorous yet emotionally disturbed Ayeza Khan in a party where she seems to be eyeing her love interest who is fraternizing with others. She seems hurt and is emotionally distraught seeing him sipping a drink and spending time with other women.

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The teaser creates a glamorous atmosphere. It has been artfully directed by Wajahat Hussain who has captured the glitz and glamour of the party through alluring shots. In addition, the characters look chic and stylish. The director seems to have employed a talented team for working on the actors’ wardrobe.

In addition, the art director has been well able to translate the director’s vision. The whole setup and props are in harmony with each other. It depicts excellent art direction which has truly embellished the scenes through catchy and fitting details. The director and his creative team have created an appealing teaser through their collaborative art which has synced really well.

The teaser has a grand look thanks to excellent direction, art direction and captivating costume designs. Wajahat Hussain has created very stylized scenes and introduced glamour and style in our dramas. Seeing such glossy characters appear to be a breath of fresh air. The teaser also has a fitting OST playing behind which compliments the theme and sets the mood of the drama.

Ayeza Khan stands out in the teaser the most, with her ethereal look and fitting expressions. Junaid Khan and Momal Sheikh also grab our attention and give us a glimpse of the love they share and a hint of the troubles that they are undergoing in their relationship. Even though, there are no dialogues in the teaser, however the actors’ expressions speak volumes about the emotional tornado within them.

Junaid Khan’s character also seems to be noticing Ayeza Khan’s troubled countenance. It appears he will be there to help her. They are surely going to make a compelling and powerful couple together.

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For now, the teaser shows all of the characters hurting while Muneeb Butt’s character comes across as indifferent and vein. The drama appears to be an intriguing emotional ride and we are surely excited for seeing more of this drama.

Yaariyan will air on Geo Tv and is a production of DramayBaaz Entertainment.

Watch the teaser here:


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