There is an exciting new wave of dramas coming in right after Eid and we have just received a glimpse of yet another upcoming drama. This drama is none other than Surkh Chandini. It is one of the most anticipated dramas of the year and the teasers of the drama are finally out!

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The first teaser starts out on a beautiful note as we see Sohai and Osman sharing beautiful moments. They are in love and loyal to each other. Their demographics are also revealed and they both hail from poor families. As the teaser progresses we see Sohai dressed up as a bride. She looks absolutely gorgeous however as she is about to get into a taxi to go to her wedding ceremony a masked man comes and throws acid on her face.

The masked man looks like Asad Siddique who is possibly not happy about the fact that she is marrying Osman. The pain she endures following the attack has been translated exceptionally well by Sohai as she falls down to the ground.

The second teaser shows the impact that the attack will have on Aida’s life post acid attack. Although the love of her life doesn’t abandon her, she has to face her close minded family.

It appears that Mansha is playing a negative role in this one. She along with her husband (Aida’s brother) will be harsh towards Aida. Also he will suspect his sister’s character and question her about a possible affair.

It is very cruel and heartbreaking the way she will be treated after the attack. The drama is an attempt to reflect on an important issue that is prevalent in our society. We will see how the life of an acid attack victim changes drastically after enduring such tragedy. The challenges they have to face besides coming to terms with their condition.

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Written by Asma Nabeel and directed by Shahid Shafaat this drama is tackling a very sensitive topic. The drama has been produced by Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment. The serial will begin airing in June right after Eid. Watch out for this one as it surely looks good!

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