Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan starrer Sherdil is slated to release over the Pakistan Day Weekend. The entire team is busy promoting the film. We reached out to the producer to find out why people should watch the movie, and he shared something that touched our hearts.

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Nauman Khan the producer of the film has made an exclusive announcement at EPK in which he has taken a huge step for the families of the martyrs of Pakistan Air Force. Nauman Khan, who is also the writer of the film has talked to EPK exclusively, where he has given a very good incentive to the audiences to go out and watch his movie.

Since the film is on PAF, he stated that the 20 percent of the collections of Sherdil will go to PAF Shaheed Fund. This is a major contribution that the audience will in fact be making for a good cause. With this announcement, the producer and writer has without a doubt made a huge contribution for the welfare of the families of martyrs.

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He also mentioned that in current Pakistan-India situation, the response of the people has been exemplary. Where ever he has gone for promotion, audiences have cheered on the air force. It is really heartwarming to see this much love and respect.


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