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Written by: Samira Fazal

Directed by: Ilyas Kashmiri

Produced by: Momina Duraid Productions


A ray of hope shines through for Arsal and Hareem in episode 11 as amidst the numerous divorces and marital troubles, both finally decide to make up and get married as soon as possible. The episode also further developed how Asher and Neha’s divorce turns out, as Asher struggles  to live alone due to being dependent on others all his life.


Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ainy Jaffri in their characters


After his mother tells him about Vareesha’s love for him, Arsal finds himself suddenly regretting the way he treated Hareem. Simultaneously, Hareem decides she will not fall under her mother’s influence and they both decide to make peace as well as get married quickly. To Arsal’s surprise, instead of resisting as he had expected, his father is overjoyed at the prospect. Immediately, the suspicion in Arsal’s mind increases and sows the seeds of dissent for later on. Meanwhile, Hareem’s mother is not as enthusiastic, still embroiled in her scheming and plotting. These details will set the stage for the major plot twist that is to come later, and the tension in the drama continues to rise.

Asher’s reliance on others is shown as he is unable to live alone, the signs of his privileged upbringing accentuated. Neha also attempts to make the transition easier for him, going as far as sneaking into his house to clean and cook, yet Asher’s ego continuously becomes a barrier. Neha also discovers that she has lingering feelings for Asher in spite of the divorce, an interesting perspective to explore about how despite being in love with each other, two people may not be right together. The way both characters are so markedly unique in their own right is laudable, and the divorce has in a way become a third character that may not be seen but is definitely present throughout. However, it is about time we see some progression in their story, perhaps by their respective families finding out the truth.


Haroon Shahid and Naveen Waqar


There is much that lacks in the Arsal-Hareem story but the young actors certainly live up to their potentials. Perhaps that is why the characters become so endearing; their naivety is reflective of their age, and the actors are natural in that environment. It is a change to see young actors on the Pakistani screen play such genuine relationships, ones that have made the audience so attached to them. Ahmad Ali Akbar and Ainy Jaffri should get their due praise, even if the writing of the characters lets them down a bit.

This episode and predictably the new few will merely be the  rising action to the plot twist, but it is still entertaining. When compared to a lot of other dramas, Tajdeed e Wafa in many regards is better written and better made. The only shortcoming that one can point out is that its need to resort to clichés to keep the audience’s attention. Yet there is hope, and we can’t wait for the next episode!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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