Critic Rating

Directed by: Ilyas Kashmiri

Written by: Sameera Fazal

Production house: MD production

The episode was fast paced and very enthralling. It started at a scene showing Arsal (Ahmed Ali) and Hareem’s engagement is all set to take place. Arsal wants to meet Hareem and ask Ashar and Neha for help because he idolizes them to an extent that he gives all the credits to them of him getting married but the reality is totally opposite. Neha and Ashar do not share that magical chemistry anymore and use to have quarrels on regular basis. Hareem’s father also explains marriage as a bond of compromise to Arsal.  Arsal goes to Hareem’s place where he listens to all the toxic words spoken by Sheema. The episode ended showing Neha refuses to go inside the house for engagement ceremony and their daughter shouts at them saying they always keep fighting.

Tajdeed e Wafa is a novel based serial. It is beautifully written by Sameera Fazal. Amazing dialogue delivery by the talented actors makes the audience to believe their words. One such dialogue in today’s episode was delivered so powerfully by Tahira Imam; “Larkion ke jo sar hote hain naa’ ye dimag ke liye nahi, jhukne k liye bne hote hain, hamari training hi asi hoti hai.

The direction of the serial is a strong reason for its integrity. All the scenes are directed with perfection especially a scene in today’s episode where Arsal and his mother were having a casual conversation. Milad scenes were not present in the episode which contributed in a small drawback. However, Ainy Jaffery was looking drop dead gorgeous in her milad’s getup.

As far as the performances are concerned Ainy Jaffery is totally justifying her role. Ahmed Ali is also doing well. Naveen Waqar and Haroon Shahid are depicting a true image of such complaining couples. The senior cast of the serial is a plus point for the viewers and are proving to be perfect ingredients for a successful recipe. Among them, Abid Ali and Laila Zubairi are worth discussing.

This serial is conveying a lot of moral and social messages to the audience by its novel, smooth and captivating story. It is portraying the negative impact of the parent’s unhealthy relationship on their children. It highlights the problems of generation gap and many more.

Upcoming episodes hold much more for the audience. Will Arsal and Hareem live same married life as their elder’s or will they prove their decision to be absolutely on point? Will their relationship let people in their surroundings learn positive attitude and change their perspective about this realtion?

Tajdeed e Wafa proves to be a complete entertainment package for its audience until now.


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