Critic Rating

Directed by: Ilyas Kashmiri

Written by: Sameera Fazal

Production house: MD productions

This episode was light and entertaining showing Arsal (Ahmed Ali) and Hareem’s (Ainy Jaffery) engagement preparations with cute little scenes between Arsal’s father (Abid Ali) and Hareem. He is totally acting opposite to his nature and the whole family is in a shock and just unable to understand why he is behaving differently. On the other hand, it also showed that Ashar (Haroon Shahid) and Neha (Naveen Waqar) seem to be a perfect couple but in reality, they have so many conflicts which also have the negative impact on their children.

Hareem’s mother, Sheema (Laila Zubairi) is so insecure that her daughter is going to ruin her life because she is following her grandmother and taunts Jamal (Hamayon Gul) that this was the reason she never wanted his mother to live with them. The episode ends on a very tense scene where Arsal’s mother suggests his dad apologize Arsal for Arsal’s ignorant childhood and for his self-indulgent behavior but he reacts furiously upon it and it turns out to be a fight.

Tajdeed e Wafa is a story of family values, its importance and the effect of their negligence showcasing a relationship of a married couple and how it is impacting their children. Moreover, it highlights the generation gap and the loopholes in parent and children’s relationship.

This serial is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and has a powerful screenplay and a unique storyline. The outdoor locations in the serial are so beautifully picturized. Every single detail is taken care of, from the houses to the makeover of the characters. Each actor in the serial is successfully delivering his/her role. Haroon Shahid and Naveen Waqar are too good as a modern young married couple.

Ahmed Ali is giving a fine performance as well. Ainy Jaffery is a total delight on the screen; her character is so calm and refreshing that it actually makes the audience feel good. Senior actors like Abid Ali and Laila Zubairi also proved to be a nice addition to this serial.

For the upcoming episodes, we are expecting some light-hearted and entertaining events with a little twist in the story to keep us enthralled.

This serial is totally winning the hearts of the audience by its amazing story, nice direction, impactful dialogues, and a super talented star cast.


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