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Writer: Sameera Fazal

Director: Ilyas Kashmiri

Produced by: MD Productions

The most important event in the latest episode was Arsal (Ahmad Ali Akbar) and Hareem’s (Ainy Jaffrey) engagement fixing to the surprise of both Arsal and Hareem, for when they make their parents meet each other, things turn out to be totally different from expected. A conversation full of apologies and laudatory remarks takes place between Hareem’s mother (Laila Zuberi) and Arsal’s father (Abid Ali) and the match is agreed to. On the other hand, Neha (Naveen Waqar) first shows hesitation on going to Islamabad for attending Arsal’s engagement but is finally convinced to go when Ashar (Haroon Shahid) along with his children creates a situation that inclines her to accompany them. The episode ended on a feel-good note of all the family members coming together for an event.

“Tajdeed e Wafa” is a serial which endeavors to be creative and off-beat in an era of commercialism and succeeds well in that. The issues might seem mundane such as a marriage proposal, parents’ hesitation, a married couple’s quarrels, but through interesting situations and humorous dialogues, the serial manages to mark itself as unique and also pleasant, turning out to be a treat to watch in the sad times we are living in. Abid Ali’s apparent crush on Laila Zuberi was one of the comic elements from today’s episode.

Another thing which makes it novel is Laila Zuberi’s character of a mother so different from the mothers we usually see in Pakistani dramas. She is someone who had always wanted to see a stable, educated and successful daughter and focused more on her schooling instead of on finding her matches. But Hareem’s focus being more on her marriage with Arsal makes her a bit disappointed. We certainly need such mothers in our society as well as in our dramas whose concern is their daughters’ education and not a perfect man for them. The confusion lies in deciding what kind of character is Laila Zuberi playing, for she seems strict and priggish, but a deeper look into her motives makes us admire her character.

We have seen mostly bright and colourful screen-looks of Sameera Fazal’s plays, such as in “Mera Saayeen”, “Meri Unsuni Kahani”, “Vasl”, “Dastaan” and “Meri Jaan” but “Tajdeed e Wafa” has a simple and non-glamorous look to it and comes before us as a different treatment of Sameera Fazal’s script. Nonetheless, it is equally captivating and interesting owing to an amazing star-cast and a wonderful script.

For the coming episodes, we expect more light-hearted and amusing events, for Arsal and Hareem’s engagement function, is at hand and we, as viewers, do not wish to see it spoiled.


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