Critic Rating

Script Writer: Sameera Fazal

Production house: MD productions

Directed by: Ilyas Kashmiri

The episode started with a scene showing Neha (Naveen Waqar) and Ashar (Haroon Shahid) being upset on their day by day increasing conflicts and endless fights. On the other hand, the situation is not good for Hareem (Ainy Jaffery) and Arsal (Ahmed Ali) as their parents are against their relationship and end up taunting each other. Hareem plans to leave the house in the midnight but fails to do so because of the security measures which her mother had taken. This makes Hareem furious and she calls Arsal and tells him that she is not going to obey her mother she would do exactly opposite to her desires. Sheema listens to her but Hareems’s father stops her for taking any action. Next morning Sheema agrees and tells Hareem to inform Arsal to take his parents along him. Arsal, on the other hand, tries his best to convince his father (Abid Ali) to go to Hareem’s place by apologizing for his each and every mistake and also tells his father that he would obey him in each respect if he would go to Hareem’s place. Somehow his father acquiesces but warns him that he would not tolerate any kind of disrespect.

This drama portrays a picture of two mindsets; one of Hareem’s mother, an ambitious career-oriented woman who wants her daughter to conquer the world with her exceptional educational skills and the other of Arsal’s father who has a very limited vision and is such a miser that he keeps an eye on every small thing which involves money consumption. Arsal and Hareem being madly in love with each other, wants to get married but would these two families having total different mindset would be able to adjust with each other?

The direction of the drama is a stronghold and each scene is showing it. Tajdeed e Wafa has a very novel storyline which makes it popular among the audience. As far as the performances are concerned the lead actors of the drama serial i.e. Ainy Jaffrey and Ahmed Ali are quite successfully showcasing a beautiful young couple who are mad at each other. Senior actors like Abid Ali and Laila Zuberi are also nailing their characters. Laila Zubairi has not been seen in such a different role of a strict and rigid parent, so this character would be a delight for her fans. A dialogue spoken by Hareem’s father (Hamayon Gul) was very impactful which says “Bacho aur barho mein yehi farq hota hai: bache zid se kam lete hain or hum muslehat se, wo kar guzarte hain or hum andesho main ghire unhe sahi rasta dikhate rehjate hain”.  


Other than this locations and houses are selected so perfectly to showcase the lifestyles of rich families. Moreover, the dulcet OST of the play sound so refreshing being played in the background. Among all the plus points, Neha and Ashar’s characters are a little disappointment as they are acting too childish which is not an expected behavior of a married couple usually. Otherwise, the drama serial is a nice addition in HUM TV family and is sustaining to entertain its audience.

Upcoming episodes hold a lot of suspense what would the reaction of Arsal and Hareem’s family after a formal meet up with an intention to tie their knots? Would Neha and Ashar continue their pointless quarrels or would compromise for their children?

Tajdeed e Wafa being a story of two dysfunctional families having conflicts, maltreatment, unnecessary expectations, and misbehaviors in combination with a nice direction and good performances make this serial a worthwhile.


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