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Directed by: Illkyas Kashmiri
Written by: Sameera Fazal
Production House: MD Production

Arsal’s mother gets injured and asks him to forgive everything happened years ago. Neha (Naveen Waqar) and Ashar (Haroon Shahid)‘s children talk to their father about their daily shouts and arguments. Arsal (Ahmed Ali) still is not satisfied with his parents attitude and argues with Hareem (Ainy Jaffrey) on defending them. Hareem’s mother (Laila Zubairi) forces her to stop visiting her grandmother and take proper tuition thrice a week.

Hareem tells Arsal about not seeing each other much because tuition is starting however he challenges her that he will disturb him much. The tutor complaints Ainy’s mother about her excessive usage of mobile phone. Arsal’s mother talks to his other son and asks him to talk to Arsal on his behavior. There, Hareem’s mother checks her mobile phone where she finds Arsal’s messages. Hareem’s father (Humayon Gul) scolds her for everything found in her mobile. Ashar and Neha promise to each other of not quarreling and understanding each other so that their children may not get affected with the environment.

Madam Sheema Jamal (Laila Zubairi) calls Arsal where he comes to know that Hareem is daughter of principal his principal. Hareem’s grandmother (Nasreen Qureshi) tells Hareem’s father to ask Hareem about the boy she likes.
Arsal’s father (Abid Ali) asks Arsal’s mother to not take care of him as his behavior is unacceptable to him. Now it is to be seen how Hareem’s father will react to Arsal and his relationship with his parents. Will Hareem’s strict mother force Arsal to stepback and is Arsal’s father going to get better with

The frame setting of almost each scene in this episode is worth watching. The scene of Arsal and Hareem in car arguing about parents looks natural with Arsal’s sarcastic smile in anger on Hareem’s wish. The environment of Hareem’s home is shown strict with father supporting her a little to compensate and for a pampered child, the way a working woman is possessive also is close to reality.

The outdoor scene of Neha and Ashar also had well delivered dialogues. The drama is based on family’s internal issues mainly children getting affected with parent’s useless restrictions and over possessiveness not giving space to them for their major decisions.


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