The term Dysfunction family refers to a family having a relationship that is not conducive to the physical and emotional health of the family members. It often leads to conflicts, maltreatment, and misbehaviors. These families generally have lower levels of mental peace, content, and happiness.

Dysfunctional families are a social problem for two main reasons. First, the immediate members of a dysfunctional family may experience harm or hardship because of the nature of the family. Second, the pattern of dysfunctional families may be transmitted to the second generation, in what is known as “intergenerational transmission.” Therefore, this issue needs to be highlighted and discussed to aware people with its consequences.

Drama serial Tajdeed e Wafa portrays a story of two such families that are themselves dysfunctional mainly due to the generation gap between three generations; adults, their parents and then their grandparents. This serial is highlighting all the issues prevalent in such families depicting the real scenarios of many houses in our society.

The writer has beautifully written the story focusing three generations; their lifestyles their mindsets and the problems they face because of their communication gap as both the generations are unable to understand one another’s point of views.

The whole story rotates around two lead characters i.e. Arsal (Ahmed Ali) and Hareem (Ainy Jaffery) showing Arsal’s uncomfortable relationship with her father and Hareem’s non-friendly behavior with her mother as she idealizes her grandmother and wants to become a housewife like her because she has herself suffered the negligence being a daughter of a working woman who should rather be called workaholic or career-obsessed.

This serial gives a message to the audience that flexibility is important in every relationship so that the members can understand each other and respect their different mind states. Parents should try to consider what their children’s expect from their lives they should never force their decisions upon them. The tendency of acceptance is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Apart from having an exceptional storyline and powerful direction this drama serial also has a talented cast who is performing their characters with great perfection. Ahmed Ali is portraying a child who blames his parents for his terrible childhood with excellence. Naveen Waqar is just a perfect choice for the role of a modern wife. Ainy Jaffery is too good as Hareem showcasing a girl whose deprivations have now become her desires. Abid Ali and Laila Zubairi have brilliantly portrayed the generation gap and doing justice to their roles.

Tajdeed e Wafa becomes a must-watch because of its theme, which presents the idea that if a relationship not showered with love, handled with care and dealt with acceptance then it would become a burden. We really appreciate the makers of Tajdeed e Wafa for their effort of highlighting a delicate and untold issue of the society with such perfection.


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