Directed by: Badar Mehmood Written by: Zanjabeel Asim Shah Produced by: Big Bang Entertainment Taimoor (Bilal Abbas) behaves rudely to his sister in front of Nigar’s (Ushna Shah) family when she comes home late after college. Junaid (Asad Siddiqui) asks his father about why he created all that drama at Taimoor’s place. The episodes are […]

Written by: Amber Zahra Produced by: Zeeshan Khan /TNI production Directed by:  Furqan Khan Today’s episode started showing Salwa (Ushna Shah) being upset for Almeer (Danish Taimoor) as he got to know the reality. Wahaj (Ali Abbas) taunts Salwa that it is good for Almeer to know everything and tells her to pay gratitude that […]

Director:Badar Mehmood Script Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah Production House: Big Bang Entertainment Nigar (Ushna Shah) tries to mislead Taimoor (Bilal Abbas) about his mother Shama (Samina Peerzada). Taimoor reacts to her with the rejection of all allegations which causes Nigar extreme anger. The bonding shown between mother and a son is so beautiful and legendary […]

Written by: Amber Zahra Produced by: Zeeshan Khan /TNI production Directed by:  Furqan Khan This episode of Ru Baru Ishq tha was very captivating as it revealed so many interesting facts. The episode started showing inspector Jahanzeb investigating Wahaj (Ali Abbas) directly that what does he wants from Almeer (Danish Taimoor) why he is giving […]

Written by: Amber Zahra Production House: TNI production Directed by:  Furqan Khan Latest episode of the serial unfolds many interesting notes of the story. Episode start with scene between Salwa (Ushna Shah) and Wahaj (Ali Abbas) where wahaj enters the room and Salwa unconsciously takes Almeer’s (Danish Taimoor) name in front of him and he […]

Writer Zafar Miraj has taken it upon himself to shine light on social issues and has been quite successful in doing so. On the other hand director Kashif Nisar is able to induce soul in the script of Zafar Miraj. Lashkara, starring Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ushna Shah and Imran Ashraf is a reflection of where […]

Written by Ambar Azher and directed by Furqan Khan, “Rubaru Ishq Tha” is a GEO TV serial casting Ali Abbas, Ushna Shah, Danish Taimoor and Sanam Chaudhry in the leading roles. The latest episode of the serial marked two things; a positive change in Wahaaj’s (Ali Abbas) attitude and a more negative one in Ayan’s […]

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‘Balaa’ is a new drama that airs on every Monday 8 PM on ARY Digital. It’s story is unique and different from other plays of Zanjabeel Shah. Badar Mehmood has directed it; who have previously directed the hits like ‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’ and ‘Mubarak Ho Beti Hoi Hai’. Bilal Abbas Khan and Ushna Shah have […]

“Balaa” is an ARY serial written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Badar Mehmood (the director of “Aisi Hai Tanhai”). “Balaa” stars Bilal Abbas Khan and Ushna Shah in the leading roles alongside Sajid Hassan, Ismat Zaidi, Asad Siddique, Samina Peerzada and many others. The latest double episode had a lot of events in […]