This weekend we will see the release of two international films however both will be taking a soft start at the box-office. Meanwhile, holdover Hollywood releases will continue to dominate. Whereas Local holdover releases have almost faded at the box-office. Lets have a look all the films screening in cinemas across Pakistan this weekend! Movies […]

Movies this Friday- 31 October 2019

This Friday,the holdover local releases films from previous week, will be joined by a new major Hollywood release. While the local releases have taken a slow start at Pakistani box office, we look forward to seeing their box office trending this weekend. The new release, on the other hand, is an action flick from an […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s upcoming Terminator Dark Fate teaser dropped and lets just say it is not all that exciting. The film starts the veteran actor as T -800 alongside Linda Hamilton who will be reprising her role as Sarah Connor. While we saw Sarah in action, T- 800 was hardly there in the teaser. The […]