Salman Khan is the biggest superstar and a blockbuster machine of the Indian cinema. One the other hand, Game Of Thrones is the biggest Tv series of the world. Series is just one episode away from its epic conclusion. Game Of Thrones is recognized for its high quality content. However, the last season has received […]

In today’s day and era of Social Media and startups, the digital generation has their hands full with creative endeavors to bring forth revolutions. Social Media has opened countless doors of opportunities and possibilities and those with an appetite for change have taken the plunge. John Wick 3 Beats Avengers Endgame! Social Media’s importance has […]

Saboor Aly

Actress Saboor Aly and Beti famed Saheefa Jabbar Khattak,are under fire for a video that went viral. The video showed Saheefa filming a man cleaning a window as they made fun of him. People got agitated at the fact that they have disgraced him. Moreover people criticized how they insulted a specific profession. Affan Waheed […]