3 Bahadur, the only animated series of Pakistan has been produced by ARY films in association with Waadi Animations. The adored children’s film is slated for release across Pakistan on this Friday, 14th December. Before we delve into the third and final installment of this film, lets go through the previous films of the series. […]

3 Bahadur is the only animated series of Pakistani Cinema and is also a huge grosser at boxoffice. As the release of the trilogy of 3 Bahadur approaches, expectations attached to it are skyrocketing. The movie is set to release on this Friday and is anticipated to do wonderfully. The film, presented by ARY Films […]

Excitement grows as the release of 3 Bahadur 3 the rise of warriors, approaches. The film is the only animated series in Pakistan and has become a personal favorite of children. Sharmeen Obaid, the creative director of this film said that there are two warrior queens in this movie. Nimra Bucha who has voiced the […]