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Keeping the tradition of sharing entertainment news before anyone in the industry Epk brings you another news break. Shamoon Abbasi directorial, Durj, has been cleared by censor boards to release in Pakistan with minor cuts. The film has been cleared after a second viewing by the Central Censor Board, Shamoon Abbasi told Epk exclusively. Earlier, […]

We reported earlier that Shamoon Abbasi’s directorial venture, Durj did not get clearance from the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) just a few days ahead of its Pakistani release on October 18, even though the Punjab and Sindh censor boards cleared it. Recently the actor and director has appealed to the CBFC to review […]

Shamoon Abbasi upcoming film Durj was recently banned in Pakistan by censor board. Shamoon Abbasi not only stars in the film but is also the director and writer. Shamoon came out with statement on his social media handle confirming the news yesterday. He also expressed his disappointment about the action and revealed that they are […]

Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film Durj is based on Cannibalism. The film also stars Sherry Shah and Nauman Javed. The film is tapping into a new genre and seems to be exploring a different topic. The film is based on real events. The Release Date Of Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj Revealed Durj was slated for release on […]

Following the domestic abuse allegations imposed on Mohsin Abbas Haider, Humaima Malik disclosed facts about her own experience with abuse. The actress took it to Instagram to open up about the abusive relationships she was in. Humaima Malik Opens Up About her Experience with Abuse After the confession it was speculated that Humaima was talking […]

After Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatema Sohail issue has come in limelight,Dua Malik and Humaima Malik supported her. Now the actress Humaima Malik also came out with her own experience with abuse. The starlet was married to Shamoon Abbasi but it didn’t last long. In an Instagram post she revealed her own experience with abuse: […]

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Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj has been in news for quite some time now, on account of its unusual choice of genre. While his upcoming project has finally gotten a release date, this will be the first time a local film will release overseas before hitting screens in Pakistan. Durj will see the light of day in […]

Shamoon Abbasi’s Horror thriller “Durj is going to see an international release in October however it will not release in Pakistan. The film is based on true events of cannibalism. The chilling theme is truly what nightmares are made of. The film garnered a lot of awe on its trailer however the Shamoon Abbasi and […]


While Shamoon Abbasi is busy with the making of his upcoming webseries “Mind Games” we are waiting for his movie Durj that is based on Cannibalism. The story seems extremely dark and chilling. We reached out to Shamoon to find out the latest update on the release date of the film. Exclusive on Durj: Location […]

The trend of making web series in Pakistan is on the rise. The industry is seeing a sudden influx of many emerging web series. The creative intelligentsia are now embracing the digital world and are all set to explore its potential. Among them is the very diverse Shamoon Abbasi whose web series namely Mind Games […]

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Gumm : in middle of no here. is the first Pakistani thriller and suspense film according to the makers.directed by Ammar Lasani and Kinza Zia.the film hit the theaters on 11 January but failed to attract the masses and resulted as a big disappointment for the. here is the Epk review of the film. Ali […]

Shamoon Abbasi bursts at the makers of Gumm

Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbasi starrer Gumm released on 11 January. The film has not been able to attract many cinema goers and is seemingly turning out to be a fiasco. Amongst all of this Shamoon Abbasi burst at the makers of Gumm, blaming them for the film’s debacle. He also alleged that the film […]

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Drama, love, and thrill; GUMM will give a power packed start to a power-packed year! Releasing in cinemas on 11th January 2019. A wanted criminal and a desperate father, lost in the middle of nowhere, juggling between the odds to save what matters most to him. Will he be able to win this battle against […]

Pakistan Television (PTV) is the first channel of Pakistan. At its pinnacle, the channel has graced us with several golden dramas that we still love and cherish. There was a time when PTV was a favorite among the households. Tanhaiyan, Dhop Kinarey, Aahan, Waris, Sunehray din and many others were some of the iconic dramas […]

Durj, a Shamoon Abbasi film, has caught everyone’s attention with its powerful script based on real events of cannibalism in Pakistan. We recently bought to you, Shamoon Abbasi’s exclusive interview where he talked about the name, theme, cast, and the journey of Durj. Read More: Shamoon Abbasi on Durj We are back with exclusive details […]

Among the release of many glamour laden rom-coms in our reviving cinema, comes Durj. This film is what nightmares are made of. However, it is has been produced on good intentions! The film is highlighting real incidents of cannibalism that have been found in Pakistan. The frightening movie has taken the country by a storm. […]