Written by: Sara Sadain Syed Produced by: Abdullah Seja Directed by: Mazhar Moin   Last episode had us biting our nails with anxiety and anticipation as Hameed was back and in custody, finally paying for his horrendous sins. While the tension aroused between Momina and Kulsum, this episode started with Kulsum and Azra having a […]

Director: Syed Ali Raz Usama Writer: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini Producer: Babar Javed The episode started showing Jaan e Alam (Danish Taimoor) regretting his past and continues to tell her mother that he wants to meet Maryam once and apologize to her for all of his misdeeds. The episode ended at a scene showing […]

Directed by: Syed Mazhar Moin Written by: Sara Sadain Syed Produced by: iDream Entertainment Hameed (Faysal Qureshi) is worried about how to justify his rejection for Maan (Wahaj Al)’s proposal for Momina (Sanam Chaudhry). He gets scared in a dream and wakes up shouting “Momina”. Faysal Qureshi’s acting is more beyond words and can definitely […]

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama Written by: Syed Ameer Ali Shah Hussaini Produced by: Babar Javed The episode started with a scene where Maryam’s (Sanam Chaudhary) going to be mother-in-law receives Maryam’s pictures with the minister. After having a look at those pictures she calls out to cancel the marriage and condemns that Maryam […]

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‘Haiwan’ is another different and unique drama of iDream Entertainment: who is on top of the line in bringing exceptional stories. It stars legendary actor Faisal Querishi Iffat Omar, Savera Nadeem and new sensation Sanam Chaudhry. It has written by Sara Sadain Saeed and directed by Syed Mazhar Moin. ‘Haiwan’ is going to be aired […]