Affan Waheed as Badar has become one of the most cherished faces on Tv currently. His ongoing drama “Do Bol” has managed to garner utmost love from drama enthusiasts. Reeling in the success of Do Bol, Affan Waheed is all set to amaze us in another upcoming drama, “Daag” alongside Saheefa Jabbar and Saboor Aly. […]

The Mere Khudaya and Teri Meri Kahani’s talented star Saboor Aly is working on another exciting project. This upcoming Six Sigma Production is titled “Gul-o-Gulzar” and will air on ARY Digital. The adorable Saboor Ali will be playing the lead role in Gul O Gulzar and will portray a rebellious and canny girl who is […]

Lesser Known Facts featuring Saheefa Jabbar Khattak!

Model turned actress Saheefa Jabbar lives in defiance of societal norms. The beautiful actress came into the limelight when she donned a pixie-cut hairstyle as a model who did not bother with what others may think. Saheefa Jabbar proved that she lives by her own rules and her unconventional personality was quickly noticed. She received […]

Written by: Dilshad Naseem Concept and Screenplay: Umera Ahmad Produced by: Kashif Kabeer and Kamran Chowdhry Directed by: Aamir Yousuf Arooj (Sadia Faisal) is married to Sarmad however it is only a paper marriage. Sarmand does not accept Arooj as his wife and this deeply hurts Arooj. Her mother-in-law (Poonam Anwar) consoles her and asks […]

Directed by: Amir Yousaf Written by: Dilshad Naseem Screenplay: Umera Ahmed Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry Like all episodes, the soundtrack creates a sensational environment before the start of the episode. Ujala (Suboor Ali) comes home crying after all the insult by Fahad’s sister and Dua. Urooj tells everything about Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) […]

Directed by:Amir Yousaf Written by: Dilshad Naseem (Under Umaira Ahmed’s Supervision) Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry The episode starts when Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) denies of engagement rumors to Ujala (Suboor Ali). He talks the same way to Ujoola as well as Dua. This one is bothering the viewers. He also lied to Dua […]

Writer: Sameena Ejaz Director: Shahood Alvi Produced by: iDream Entertainment The latest episode of “Mere Khudaya” was full of some more depressing events with no sign of positivity and hope. Aleena (Zubab Rana) gets to know that her brother’s shop has been sold. While she is already upset over this, her mother passes away, leaving […]

Director:Amir Yousaf Writer: Dilshad Naseem Screenplay: Umera Ahmed Producers: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry Aqeela calls Urooj’s mother telling not to believe any rumor. Ujala (Saboor Ali) asks Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) the reason for not coming. Seriously? This scene took something like what! Ujala continuously tells Fahad that she is missing him and a child […]

Produced by: iDream Entertainment Written by: Samina Aijaz Directed by: Shahood Alvi In the 17th episode of Meray Khudaya, not many changes were there. The problems of Aleena (Zubab Rana), as well as Mehek (Saboor Aly) are ongoing. Another addition to the difficulties of Aleena is that Khalid, who has been the helper of Kashif […]