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Listen to the OST of upcoming drama Jaal by Amanat Ali. The drama stars Imran Ashraf, Sumbal Iqbal, Ali Kazmi. The drama is directed by Mohsin Talent and written by Seema Munaf.


Hum TV period Aangan had been building up incredible hype way before the drama saw light of day. The drama had all the right elements to be a highly anticipated drama of the year. A stellar cast, a powerful topic, an accomplished director and it offered a trip down the memory lane! All this, while […]

Making the sequels of the dramas is becoming a normal trend in the industry. Some sequels perform much alike to their prequels or some perform better than their sequels. If we talk in the context of the sequels of the dramas then the series ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ must be on top of the list. Its […]

Ramsha Khan the gorgeous and splendid addition in our industry. She started her career in industry by appearing in the film “Thora Jee Lay”. Film could not do well at box-office but Ramsha got popularity and start appearing in dramas of top-notch production houses. Her acting skills are impressive and her way of transferring herself […]

Last year we have seen some refreshing additions in Pakistani drama industry that includes the likes of the promising Bilal Abbas Khan and Ahad Raza Mir. As our drama industry is moving forward at full speed, simultaneously, there is an exponential increase in the space for new talent. People wish to see fresh, talented faces […]

The latest episodes of ‘Khasara’ have validated Mohtasin’s (Meekal Zulfiqar) indifference towards emotions. Sila (Sonia Mashal) becomes his third woman in these episodes after Linta (Sarwat Gillani) and his employee (Hajra Khan). Sila, surprisingly, does not show any hesitation and without waiting much, marries Mohtasin. It is after she is married to him that she […]