The Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu released recently. The playful detective film is generally being liked. The film is adorable, lighthearted and gripping. It embeds a lot of comical and fun moments and among them, Detective Pikachu also makes a reference to the Game of Throne series. George R.R.Martin Unhappy With The Ending of Game of […]

Detective Pikachu is a fun, suspense and action laden film suitable for all ages. It is a family entertainer and is nothing too complex. Even those who have not previously seen Pokemon will be able to understand the film. Pokemon has cartoons and games. This movie is a live action adaptation of the anime and […]

Detective Pikachu is the latest release of this week, worldwide. The film opened on the same day and date in both North America and China. The film has opened to a decent response in both the markets. Why Avengers Endgame Thor Vs Thor Fight Sequence Got Cut? Detective Pikachu will top the charts in China […]