Friday is rather a dull day in terms of quality dramas. The three prominent dramas airing that day include Baandi, Jaal and Noor Bibi. Baandi (Hum Tv) The drama revolves around the life of Meeru( Aiman Khan) whose father is in debt of the feudal lord who has his eyes on her as well. In […]

Friday 22nd March 2019: Baandi Vs Noor Bibi While there aren’t many good dramas airing on Fridays, the two that do stand out among the others are Baandi and Noor Bibi. Of course whether these dramas actually have any redeeming qualities is yet to be seen, but for now let’s see what happened this Friday […]

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EPK brings to you TV Drama Guide for Friday, 22nd March. Three major dramas airing tonight are Baandi Noor Bibi & Jaal Among all the dramas being aired tonight, Baandi starring Aimen Khan & Muneeb Butt, being aired on HumTv is our recommendation for tonight!! Number two in our recommendation list for 22nd March is […]

8th March Friday 2019 dramas: Baandi VS Noor Bibi The long running Band Khirkiyan has finally ended after such a long run, but Baandi and Noor Bibi still continue to air on Fridays and their plots have progressed quite a lot since the beginning! Read on to know what happened this week in Baandi and […]

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EPK brings to you TV Drama Guide for Friday, 8th March. Major dramas airing on Friday are Baandi,Noor Bibi and the newly started Jaal Baandi Leads On Friday while beating Noor Bibi and Jaal. Tune in everyday for your daily drama recommendation as per EPK drama experts! Ali ZainFilm Trade Analyst.