Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi have been engaged in a legal battle from quite long now. Their case is still pending and no verdict has been reached. However it appears the two have now engaged in an indirect battle of the verses on twitter. Nueplex Cinemas to Screen Avengers: Endgame around the clock in Pak […]

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case has been dragged for quite some time now . We reached out to Ali’s lawyer Ambreen Qureshi, to find out the details of the proceeding that was held recently. Ali Zafar initiates criminal proceedings against Meesha Shafi She informed us that that the hearing was held on 8 April […]


Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s legal battle has not only prolonged, it has also taken a new turn. The latest on the case is that Channo singer Ali Zafar has filed a case against Meesha Shafi for fraud and forging documents. Ali’ s counsel has claimed that Meesha Shafi has submitted fake documents to the […]

While the defamation case filed against Meesha Shafi by Ali Zafar is still under trial, Ali Zafar has initiated criminal proceedings against Meesha Shafi. It has been alleged that Meesha Shafi forged documents and indulged in misrepresentation, misstatement and fraud in her reply to the defamation case filed by Ali Zafar. Read More: Ali Zafar’s […]

Yesterday marked International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate womankind all over the globe. On the occasion, Pakistani women came out to celebrate the day and to promote the message of equality. The famous Aurat March took place yesterday wherein woman from different walks of lives came together and marched on the streets with intriguing […]