It is very natural to draw comparisons between the original and its sequel or reboot/ live action version of a film. Audiences already have a metric to gauge it on. In case of classics like Aladdin one cannot simply compromise on quality. For someone who has grown up watching this movie, is well aware of […]

Disney’s Aladdin has turned out to be a pleasant surprise at the boxoffice nationwide. The film had lesser number of shows compared to both the Pakistani films even so the film managed to hold its own. The boxoffice numbers are staggering. In Rwp/Isl, the film’s day to day trending is better than all the Eid […]

Aladdin is just a few days away from its release and the movies is coming with high expectations. The live action version of the much loved animated movie, is surely going to be full of colors and renditions of original music. Zayn Malik Adds Magic to Aladdin With His Rendition of A Whole New World! […]