The art form of TV drama can be called the image of society shown on the small screen. Four mega serials have gone on air during October 2018 on different channels include: Maryam Pereira, Haiwan, Deedan, and Romeo Weds Heer. Drama/ TV Channel Director Cast Production House Genre Maryam Pereira/ TV One Iqbal Hussain Emmad […]

Written by: Riffat Siraj Script supervisor: Khalilluh Farooqi Directed by: Iqbal Hussain Produced by: Seema Tahir Khan & Real Entertainment In this episode, conflicts have gone more intense. Hakim Khan (Rasheed Naz) has to face the strong opposition to the idea of grabbing the Christian colony, both from Ali Khan (Ahsan Khan) and Maryam (Sadia […]

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‘Maryam Pareira’ is an upcoming drama of TV one. I has been directed by Iqbal Hussain whereas Seema Taher CEO of TV one networks is behind this project. It stars Emmad Irfani, Sadia Khan, Ahsan Khan in lead roles on the other legendary actors like Seemi Raheel, Ayoub Khoso and Laila Zuberi are also the […]