Koi-Chand-Rakh ended with a bang with massive rating

Directed by: Siraj ul Haq Written by: Maha Malik Produced by: iDream Entertainment Asad Niazi (Tanveer Jamal) sees Zain (Imran Abbas) and Nishal (Areeba Habib) controversially close to each other and confessing love. He gets admitted to hospital after that. Umair (Muneeb Butt) is badly addicted to drugs in love for Rabail (Ayeza Khan). The […]

Writer: Maha Malik Director: Siraj-ul-Haq Produced by: iDream Entertainment The latest episode started on a depressing note, Rabail (Aiza Khan) being told by Zain (Imran Abbas) that there is a certain type among women which he admires and that Rabail is certainly not that type. Zain’s father (Tanveer Jamal) then enters to find Rabail alone […]