There is no doubt that J.K.Rowling is the maestro of the wizarding world. After giving us the much loved Harry Potter saga she came up with the Fantastic beasts series. While some of the Harry Potter adaption fell short off expectation as they missed out a lot of details. With Fantastic Beasts J.K.Rowling herself wrote […]

Fantastic beasts Crimes of Grindelwald has hit the screens on Friday 16 November 2018. The movie’s content will be connecting to the Harry Potter franchise. Unlike the previous movie which was set in a completely different setting with new characters. The sequel will be taking us back to Hogwarts and also introducing the younger version […]

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The second installment of The fantastic beast series is all set to release on 16  November 2018.  Viewers will be taken back to Hogwarts to show the early years of Newt. Credence also seems to have survived and will be appearing again in this installment. The cast from the first installment is also seen including […]