On Wednesday we currently do not have any drama that is good enough to be watched except Suno Chanda 2. With Khaas being a major disappointment, we do not recommend you follow that. Cake Gets Praise From Across The Border The drama has created a mean, egoistic husband who doesn’t see the error in his […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

We are midway Ramazan that means Suno Chanda 2 is halfway through as well. Last night’s episode was very eventful and sadly we also bid farewell to some characters. Quentin Tarantino Requests No Spoilers For Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Since the weddings are over it is time that the guests left. Nagina and […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Last night’s episode was more intense than funny. Arsal and Jiya’s conflict has taken a serious turn and Arsal is angry with her for wanting to go even without him. DJ being Jiya’s brother doesn’t like the way she is being treated. So he tells on Arsal to his parents which further worsens the matter. […]

top 5 dramas of the week

All week long we have some amazing dramas telling us different stories and taking us into their fictional world, captivating us with their characters, dialogues and acting. While some make us laugh and some make us cry all in all they provide quality entertainment for us all week long. Out of all these drama we […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Last night’s episode was yet another hilarious one, with some solid performances. Now that the wedding is over it was expected that the London issue will be brought back in the limelight and so it did. Of course they had to put a comical spin on things also escalate the issue which is why Arsal’s […]

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

This episode was an absolute delight to watch and featured what I thought was some of the most powerful dialogues and scenes. Faiza Iftikhar has taken each character, no matter how mundane, and made them larger than life and beloved to the audience. Noori goes back to her former self this episode and makes sure […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

The house has divide once again and this time over non family members. Pari and Joji had a row over a kurta , the other family members weigh in and take side. Game Of Thrones Ending Will Be A Mega Disappointment? Pari and Joji’s fights are a treat to watch and the way they take […]

anaa and suno chanda 2

On Sunday there are two good dramas coming your way. They both are part of our weekly top 5 list and come highly recommended. These drama are of completely different genre but definitely a must watch. Saboor Aly’s Gul-o-Gulzar A Tale of Rags to Riches Anaa (HUM TV) This drama is a sweet story of […]