Saturday Drama Reviews: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Vs Cheekh Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment This episode covered the gradual psychological torture that Mannat and her mother undergo right before the court date. There were many aspects in this episode that made it really stand out. First off, the use of the burnt dupatta to emotionally manipulate […]

Written by: Samira Fazal Directed by: Ilyas Kashmiri Produced by: Momina Duraid Productions This week’s episode was not as exciting as the others and focused more on the disintegrating marriages around Arsal right on the eve of his own. The way his own father treats his mother begins to sow seeds of doubts in Arsal’s […]

Writer: Shugufta Bhatti Director: Saima Waseem Produced By: MD Productions Every Monday Aatish takes us through the troubled journey of love, a fire that burns within. Love tangled between social and class differences of Asma (Hina Altaf) and Shehryar (Azfar Rehman) wanders land of unacceptance and despise by the family, but beats and burns within […]

Written by: Sana Shabbir Sandhu & Reema Ali Syed Screenplay by: Umera Ahmed Directed by: Sheherzade Sheikh Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment Naulakha has got a turn toward new conflicts in this episode. We have seen what is going on into the minds of all characters of the story concerning naulakha. This naulakha is actually […]

Written by: Maimona Khursheed Directed by: Amna Nawaz & Sajid Kashmiri Produced by: MD Production The 7th episode of “Lamhay” brought with it, an amusing change. Alina confesses to Bibi Jaan (Hashir’s mother) that she is only Hashir’s wife on papers. The tables have turned on Hashir himself. Bibi jaan who is much relieved now, plans to […]

Written by: Shagufta Bhatti Directed by: Saima Waseem Production House: MD Productions This episode has been the continuation of the drama created by Sheheryar (Azfar Rehman) for Asma (Hina Altaf). He wants court marriage, Asma is reluctant to. Her hesitation in accepting this idea is very right, being a female. She is well aware of […]

Production House: Connect Studios Written by: Faiza Iftekhar Directed by: Ali Faizan This episode has given us the clue that marriage with Sadia (Sawera Nadeem) has started showing its effects on the life of Asfand (Faysal Qureshi). The politics being played by the husband of Naila (Amir Qureshi) has only the intention of winning the […]

Directed by: Asim Ali Written by: Saira Raza Production House: Sadia Jabbar Production With HD quality of the drama serial, it’s a good one for eyes. Even before the starting of any episode, the original sound track (OST) of Ghamand already creates a sensational environment for the viewers. The episode continues with the argument between […]

Written by: Amber Zahra Production House: TNI production Directed by:  Furqan Khan Latest episode of the serial unfolds many interesting notes of the story. Episode start with scene between Salwa (Ushna Shah) and Wahaj (Ali Abbas) where wahaj enters the room and Salwa unconsciously takes Almeer’s (Danish Taimoor) name in front of him and he […]

Written by: Maha Malik Directed by: Siraj ul Haq Production House: iDream Entertainment After going through many difficulties and emotional trauma, the lead couple is finally married. This episode started from the sentimental collapse of Umair and ended on the first meeting between the bride and groom. But what happened? This marriage has taken place […]