Dolly Darling aired Eid special episodes during the first two days of Eid which reminded us of Dr. Younis Butt’s classical sitcoms and made us realize that in order to execute his stories in the best possible manner, the best of actors are also required. So interesting and unpredictable were the situations, so flawless was […]

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The actress went on to host her own Nadia Khan Show. Now she’s all set to play the lead in the most expensive comedy show in the history of television, Dolly Darling. Written by Famous Dr. Younis Butt. The actress is already calling this the ‘best project’ of her career.

Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan pair up for a comedy drama!

After Romeo Weds Heer, the production house 7th Sky Entertainment and writer Dr Younis Butt are coming together to hatch yet another comical play. The sitcom ‘Family front’ and a comedy show ‘Hum sab umeed se hain’ famed writer Dr Younis Butt is penning down another play aimed at providing the audience a break from […]