Written by: Dilshad Naseem Concept and Screenplay: Umera Ahmad Produced by: Kashif Kabeer and Kamran Chowdhry Directed by: Aamir Yousuf Arooj (Sadia Faisal) is married to Sarmad however it is only a paper marriage. Sarmand does not accept Arooj as his wife and this deeply hurts Arooj. Her mother-in-law (Poonam Anwar) consoles her and asks […]

Directed by: Amir Yousaf Written by: Dilshad Naseem Screenplay: Umera Ahmed Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry Like all episodes, the soundtrack creates a sensational environment before the start of the episode. Ujala (Suboor Ali) comes home crying after all the insult by Fahad’s sister and Dua. Urooj tells everything about Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) […]

Writer: Atiya Dawood Director: Amin Iqbal Produced By: 09th Degree Entertainment Resham’s (Sanam Saeed) wedding finally takes place with Shahbaz Khan (Hassan Noman), for her father tells her before the wedding that customs matter more for him than love. In this respect for customs, Shafeeullah (Rasheed Naz) weds his daughter to a person for whom […]

Directed by: Asim Ali Written by: Saira Raza Produced by: Sadia Jabbar Production Before even watching the episode, the soundtrack of the drama serial creates a goosebumps situation to head towards episode. In the last episode, Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) asks Hani (Minal Khan) to marry Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) for a son. Haroon meets accident and […]

Directed by:Amir Yousaf Written by: Dilshad Naseem (Under Umaira Ahmed’s Supervision) Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry The episode starts when Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) denies of engagement rumors to Ujala (Suboor Ali). He talks the same way to Ujoola as well as Dua. This one is bothering the viewers. He also lied to Dua […]

Writer: Attiya Dawood Director: Amin Iqbal Producer: 09th Degree Entertainment The latest episode of “Deedan” was highly interesting with a lot of intriguing incidents and unpredictable events. Zardaab (Mohib Mirza) and Resham (Sanam Saeed) plan to run away and while Resham is planning to leave the house on that night, she is caught by her […]

Director:Amir Yousaf Writer: Dilshad Naseem Screenplay: Umera Ahmed Producers: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry Aqeela calls Urooj’s mother telling not to believe any rumor. Ujala (Saboor Ali) asks Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) the reason for not coming. Seriously? This scene took something like what! Ujala continuously tells Fahad that she is missing him and a child […]

Directed by: Asim Ali Written by: Saira Raza Produced by: Sadia Jabbar Productions The episode continued with Shaheena (Sunita Marshal) worried about Shehnaz’s (Mah Jabeen) greed. Maqsood (Noman Ijaz) apologize to Shaheena for what he said but stays on his decision of marriage. She also asks Haroon to not come this much to see Umm […]

Directed by: Amir Yousaf Screenplay: Umera Ahmed Written by: Dilshad Naseem Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry Like all her writings, this one is also a masterpiece by none other than Umera Ahmed. It is well observed that in all her publications, a very deep touch of religious matter is given. In drama serial […]

Directed by: Asim Ali Written by: Saira Raza Production House: Sadia Jabbar Production With HD quality of the drama serial, it’s a good one for eyes. Even before the starting of any episode, the original sound track (OST) of Ghamand already creates a sensational environment for the viewers. The episode continues with the argument between […]

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‘Deedan’ is a new drama that is going to be aired soon on Aplus. Its teasers and posters are much alike to film’s promotional material, Amin Iqbal director of ‘Deedan’ is the brain-child behind this idea. It stars Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza in lead roles. Sanam is coming back to TV screen after a […]

These days promotions of dramas matters a lot because they play an important role in grabbing the attention of the viewers. Many of the production houses are not paying attention for promoting their dramas. ‘Deedan’ is one of the most promising dramas whose promotional material is very strong and different as compare to other dramas. […]

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Written by: Asghar Nadeem syed & Malik Khuda Baksh Directed by: Ahsan Ali Zaidi Produced by: TS Media This is a different drama as compared to traditional dramas as it focuses on promoting the message of personal hygiene which shall be given 50 % importance, sanitation would be given 40% and clean drinking water will […]

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Singers: Junaid Khan and Hira Mani Composer: Naveed Nashad Lyrics: Ghazala Naqvi D.O.P: Rao Ayaz/ Raymond/ Keith Producer: Kashif Saleem Story of a possessive mother who becomes antagonist in the love story of her own daughter. After Zehra’s (Farah Shah) separation from Ashfaq(Waqas Majeed Khan),she  thinks that the men are not to be trusted and for […]