Anjuman was one of the most popular and successful actress of Punjabi cinema back in 1980s and early 1990s. Superstar appeared in numerous super hit films like Wadey Ki Zanjeer, Sher Khan, Chan Varyam and many others. Watch The Trailer Of Parey Hut Love In Cinemas. Actress had married income tax commissioner Mobin Malik and […]

Pakistan has a rich film heritage. At its pinnacle, the old age cinema was graced with some of the most iconic superstars of all time. Stars who became the craze of the entire nation. One such star was the legendary actress Rani, a headstrong and a beautiful woman who paved the path to her glory […]

Waheed Murad in Armaan

There is no bigger star than Waheed Murad in the genre of Romance throughout the history of Pakistani Cinema. Waheed Murad’s legacy as a romantic chocolaty hero remains untainted. The legendary actor had a huge following and was very popular with the females. It is said that whenever his films were screened, the cinemas used […]