Alita: Battle Angel box office

Alita: Battle Angel is a sci-fi action thriller produced by James Cameron. The film is about a cyborg which is discovered from a scarp yard by a kind Dr who then nurses her back to health. The film opens in Iron City, and we are introduced to a whole new world. The film is very […]

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Alita: Battle Angel comes from a hugely acclaimed filmmaker James Cameron. It has been directed by Robert Rodriguez who is prominently known for his work in Sin City. It is a Sci-fi action thriller and a romantic drama about a cyborg and her self-discovery.

Alita : The Battle Angel wraps up the opening weekend with low numbers. James Cameron’s most ambitious title was released a Week early in Pakistan compared to North America’s release. But film has opened to disappointing performance. Film has wrapped the opening Weekend with only 60lacs approx. It was an action film and action films […]

James Cameron’s much anticipated project Alita : The Battle Angel opened a week early in Pakistan compared to North America but so far performance is not upto the mark. Film opened with low numbers on Friday and needed a huge growth on Saturday but that growth was missing on Saturday. Film did manage to see […]

Alita Battle Angel box office day 1

Alita Battle Angel was released a week earlier than its US release. The film was expected to do well considering it is a James Cameron production and the screenplay is also lent by him. The film has taken an extremely slow start with extremely low occupancies. Read more : February Boxoffice Forecast: Total Dhamaal To […]

2019 has been off to a bit slow start in January but we are expecting some good fireworks in February. Fox’s much awaited action adventure film Alita: Battle Angel is set to hit screens in Pakistan a week early. Produced by the hugely acclaimed producer James Cameron, film is set to release in North America […]