suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

The house has divide once again and this time over non family members. Pari and Joji had a row over a kurta , the other family members weigh in and take side. Game Of Thrones Ending Will Be A Mega Disappointment? Pari and Joji’s fights are a treat to watch and the way they take […]

anaa and suno chanda 2

On Sunday there are two good dramas coming your way. They both are part of our weekly top 5 list and come highly recommended. These drama are of completely different genre but definitely a must watch. Saboor Aly’s Gul-o-Gulzar A Tale of Rags to Riches Anaa (HUM TV) This drama is a sweet story of […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Something or the other keeps happening in the house. Last night’s episode was very eventful as well. Looks like Meena is here to stay. Post Jalal’s suicide attempt fiasco, Meena decides to leave. Mithu has been advised to pursue her after Huma blatantly rejected him. He seeks Arsal’s help in ensuring Meena doesn’t leave. Ali […]

Thursday is looking good as it is providing variety of dramas to choose from. Our top three picks include Mera Rab Waris, Aangan and of course Suno Chanda 2. The decision to pick just one is hard this time around but which one would be recommend, read on as we break it down . Mera […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Last night’s episode was very happening. Just when we had thought that all the new additions were here for this season, another character has been introduced to us. Exclusive: Director reveals details of Ali Rehman & Ushna Shah’s drama Bewafa Not only this, Arsal and Jiya have made up and are now planning on staying […]

Suno Chanda 2

Wednesday has been a very dull day for dramas, ever since Do Bol concluded. Besides this, Khaas and Suno Chanda 2 air tonight. Although they both air on different timings, however which one is worth watching read on to find out! List Of Movies Releasing During Cricket World Cup In Pakistan Khaas (Hum TV) Sanam […]

suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Now that the wedding festivities are over for the time being, this episode focused on the London issue. Both Arsal and Jiya are trying to form alliances to win their case. The way they are manipulating and acting is completely hilarious and keep us entertained on the the other wise monotonous issue. Its seem like […]

Suno Chanda season 2 is the most popular Pakistani serial on air right now. The Ahson Talish directorial has taken the whole social media by storm. On YouTube alone, the highly adored serial has multiple episodes trending on top in just the first 7 days of its release. Suno Chanda 2 Epi 7: Festive As […]