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All good things must come to an end, and so did Surkh Chandni with an amazing episode last night. Under the direction of Shahid Shafaat, the 27th episode of Surkh Chandni aired last night & we are still trying to find some tissues to wipe our tears.

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After last week’s cliffhanger ending with Shumaila being shot, we were left wondering if the villain Jawaad (Asad Siddiqui) would roam free once again. This episode restored our faith that good always triumphs evil in one way or the other. The episode was full of emotional scenes. From scenes in the hospital to the scenes in the courtroom, we could literally feel our emotions rise & fall along with that of the actors.

Surkh Chandni brings to light several social issues that plague our society, with Acid burning the foremost problem discussed in the serial. Although the justice system of our country is slow & flawed, the message which resonated with us was that as long as you are in the right & ready to fight the forces of evil, you will find your way out.

All the actors, from the heart-throb Osmaan Khalid Butt to the versatile Asad Siddiqui outshone last night. Sohai Ali Abro (Aida) stole the show in the last episode with her flawless portrayal of such a tough & complex character. She fitted the character perfectly, depicting the pain & agony as well as the will to survive in an applause-worthy manner. Her indomitable spirit as the acid victim is something we all admire.

But hats off plus a standing ovation to Mansha Pasha for making every single eye that was watching teary. She has been amazing in this serial by showing so many layers to a single person, & that too flawlessly.

Although this was a jam-packed episode with so many things happening in one episode, under the brilliant direction of Shahid Shafaat all the loose ends were tied perfectly. The casting directors need to be applauded for getting together such a stellar cast. The court scene lasted hardly more than 5 minutes yet it was realistic and kept us on our toes. Asma Nabeel has definitely done a good job with this serial and we are looking for more good scripts from her. She surely knows how to balance intrigue & reality.

Acid victims face unimaginable suffering & social stigmatization & then the lack of rehabilitation facilities & support from the law enforcing agencies makes it even harder for them to survive. The emphasis placed on the legislation regarding the Acid & Burns Crime bill in this episode is something which needs to be acknowledged by the government.

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It was a good end to a good serial and we will definitely miss Surkh Chandni! What are your thoughts about the episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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