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All is fair in love & war, and Jawaad (Asad Siddiqui) has taken this saying a little too literally. Although the pace of this week’s double episode was too slow for our liking, things do come together to further the storyline. We can sense that this is the silence before a storm, this episode didn’t progress beyond the narrative of Aida feeling the need to keep Amaan safe even at the cost of herself. Under the direction of Shahid Shafaat, the 17th and 18th episodes of Surkh Chandni aired last night, and we are left wanting for a lot more.

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This week’s episode begins with Amaan finding out that Aida had left home. He goes through a whirlwind of emotions ranging from pain, anger, betrayal to anxiety and concern over the state Aida might be in. The way he doesn’t give up on Aida even now restores our faith in humanity. He is the epitome of loyalty and love, as he goes from the police station to the advertising agency to the social worker Rehana in search of Aida. Fingers crossed that this true-hearted man finds the contentment and peace he deserves.

Mansha Pasha keeps stealing the show every time. Whether it’s in the role of mistreated wife or the devious lover, she plays her part perfectly.The characterization of Shumila is done brilliantly although she is some what predictable at some points.Continuing to leech off money from both her husband and lover, we see things turning a dark turn for her as Jawaad’s mother tells Ruqaiyya that she won’t let Shumaila ruin her son. After the death of Jawaad’s father, he is going to come in a lot of money on which Shumaila has her eye.

Out on the road, Aida has to fend off hooligans and we are left worrying for her safety. Running away from the thugs and trouble-makers, she crashes into a car which is, thankfully, her social worker Rehana’s. We can breathe once more knowing that she is at least off the streets.

There were a lot of heavy dialogues in tonight’s episodes. The moment when Amaan gives his salary to Humera and says he had hoped to give his first salary to Aida does make our heart skip a beat. The way Asma Nabeel has portrayed the plight of acid victims as well those around the victim is truly commendable. This week’s episode had a bright note when we see acid victims carrying on their lives with joy and hope in their hearts.

The tension between Jawaad(Asad Siddiqui) and Shumila (Mansha Pasha) rises as we see development in the characters and storyline concerning their relationship with each other. With Shumaila trying to delay committing to Jawaad, things take a dark turn for Mukhtaar as Jawaad contemplates killing him to clear his path. We are anxiously waiting to see what happens with this villainous duo.

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With Aida asking her social worker not to tell Amaan where she was for the sake of keeping him safe, we are a tad bit annoyed with her but definitely understand where she is coming from. Let’s see if things change for her and Amaan in the next episode.

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