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Distress. Shame. Humiliation. Hopelessness. Despair.

Sohai Ali Abro portrays all this and a lot more in this week’s episode of Surkh Chandni. A whirlwind of emotions for every character, however, this episode didn’t progress beyond the narrative of self-loathing that Aida felt for herself. The last week’s episode ended at a dire note with Amaan fighting the battle of life & death, and everything in Aida’s life tossed and turned again.

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Under the direction of Shahid Shafaat, the 15th and 16th episodes of Surkh Chandni aired last night, and we are left wondering about the fate of everyone involved. This double-episode was packed with everything from actions done under fear and despair to the emotional depravity of the world we live in.

The episode begins with a doctor asking Aida and Amaan’s mother to arrange blood for Amaan. A brief glimpse of hope and strength we have been hoping to see from Aida is seen when she tells Humera that she will take care of everything. However, this toughness of the spirit is short-lived as the episode progresses.

Although Mukhtaar helps Aida monetarily, her spirit is crushed when he tells her never to come back again as she is reason behind all bad things happening. Shumaila further gives fuel to the fire that drives Aida away. Falling in the well of self-disgust and loathing, Aida decides that Amaan will be better off without her tarnished and blemished influence. Out on the road, both she and the viewers are left questioning her future.

Kudos to the acting skills of Mansha Pasha. Whether it’s the mistreated wife, or the sly lover, the devious Bhabhi or the protective mother, she is impeccable in every one of these avatars. Every scene in tonight’s episode with Mansha Pasha in it was brimming with fire and passion. As she plots to leech off money from both her husband and lover, we do see a hint of a soul in her when she tells her friend that she feels guilty about cheating on Mukhtaar.

Things are not going well for Humera who has a son in the hospital and a daughter-in-law missing. Hardships upon hardships for this lady who is trying her best to be the strength of her son, her daughter-in-law and her sister as well.  She searches for Aida on her own, keeping this from Amaan so that he wouldn’t be worried.

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The script was well-written, and the pragmatic direction deserves points too. The set, as well as the wardrobe of the characters, was realistic and natural. The state of Aida’s clothes after being out on the road as well as the change in Shumaila’s wardrobe, thanks to her lover Jawaad, had a ring of authenticity to it.

The episode ends with Amaan coming back home and not finding his wife home. With things turning dark for Aida and Amaan, we are left ardently hoping for a break from all the traumas in their lives.

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