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After last week’s cliff-hanger ending where Aida, beautifully played by Sohai Ali Abro, is nowhere to be found, we were all on our toes waiting for the next bit of the story to reveal. Under the remarkable direction of Shahid Shafaat, the 13th and 14th episodes of Surkh Chandi aired last night, and it does justice to thedrama’s theme. This double-episode was an amalgam of happiness, pain, social stigmatization of the victim and the mental & physical effort it takes for them to carry through with life every day.

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The episode begins with Aida standing on the rooftop contemplating to end her miseries as Amaan runs up to her and stops her from giving up. It was a heart-wrenching scene to see all the traumas catching up to Aida.

However, the ray of hope and happiness that we had all been rooting for does appear in this episode for Aida.There is still good out in the world, and Amaan and his mother are the living, breathing examples of this.

In consistency with the theme of this serial, we see the social struggles faced by the victim’s family as women treat Humera badly for letting his son marry a “tainted” girl. Amaan is the one who stands against everyone who question his decision.

We see more to the illicit love story of Jawaad (Asad Siddiqui) & Shumaila (Mansha Pasha), as Jawaad plays a very deep game, gaining the trust of Shumaila’s husband. It’s always friends who either make you or break you and this was seen clearly when Shumaila’s friend Ruqaiyya gave her advice to leave her husband. Jawaad. Being the materialistic and cunning woman she is, she decides to go for Jawaad who can offer her more worldly comforts, with complete disregard to the fact that she is a married woman and a mother.

Osmaan Khalid Butt really outdid himself in terms of acting and suffice to say, this episode belonged to him. It was hard watching him struggling to find happiness amidst all the pressure from the society and the mental state of Aida after the traumas she has been through. Though the episode ended at a dire note, we are still hoping that things do take a turn for the better.

The direction, camera work, and editing were perfect. The effort of the whole team really shows up in the entire episode. The look and styling of the characters as well as the set were very natural & realistic, nothing over the top at all.

One thing was severely felt in the first half of the episode was the low morale of Aida even after getting married to the love of his life. But with Amaan voicing his concerns over this, Aida decides to live her life with her head held. This air of positivity is cut down short after Amaan gets beat up by Jawaad.

The episode ends at a somber note with Amaan fighting the battle of life & death, and everything in Aida’s life tossed and turned again. We are fervently hoping that things don’t take a darker turn.

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