These double episodes were probably the most troubling episodes I have seen in a while! Throughout the drama, every ten minutes probably had the audience on the verge of tears. After last time when we saw Jawad come after Ayda while she is getting ready for her wedding, we immediately found when Jawad throws acid on Ayda and runs away.

First Impression: Surkh Chandini Dares To Be Different

Majority of the episode revolved around Ayda’s time in the hospital and how she and her family dealt with this horrible occurrence.  Running side by side with this plot line was Jawad, his mother and Shumaila who plotted in covering up the entire event and instead placing the blame on Amaan so Jawad could marry Ayda instead. Surkh Chandni has proven that it really isn’t messing around in exposing the harsh truths about acid attacks with these episodes!

Sohai Ali really outdid herself in terms of acting and suffice to say, this episode belonged to her. It really wasn’t easy watching some of the scenes but kudos to Sohai for depicting the traumatic feelings of such victims in as realistic a manner as possible. Everyone around her also was perfect but it must be said that Sohai Ali has improved so much as an actress and her range has certainly widened! The scene where she first looks at herself in the mirror after the accident was painful and heartbreaking at the same time.

All the actors are doing a great job and doing everything to the best of their abilities and so definitely deserve tons of praise! Since the topic is pretty sensitive, there is always room for improvement in the way certain topics are depicted in dramas. However, for the general public that would be unaware of most things, Surkh Chandni has until now presented a reasonable depiction that does not romanticize or exaggerate unnecessary details like a lot of other dramas.

Teasers of Surkh Chandini Are Heart Breaking!

I did feel like some of the scenes shown would be painful to watch for someone having gone through such a trauma and some warning should have been given at the beginning of the episode.  Apart from this factor, I personally felt that representation was okay in these episodes and Surkh Chandni’s writer Asma Nabeel has a wide history of groundbreaking dramas that are well-researched and an in-depth analysis of all the wrongs in society. Hence, I’m confident Asma Nabeel will set new precedents with Surkh Chandni as well and really start a conversation regarding this horrifying aspect of our culture.

Surkh Chandni Ep 1-2: Sohai Ali and Osman Khalid Butt in a poignant, life-changing story!

Every member of the crew working on this drama, from the stellar cast to the writer and the hardworking director deserve praise for keeping Surkh Chandni not only well-construed but also respectful to the experiences of the victims of acid attacks. As always, what’s left to see is how the following episodes will maintain that aspect and work upon it to keep it as realistic as possible. We have high hopes of Surkh Chandni delivering well and making a positive impact too!

What were your thoughts on Surkh Chandni’s episodes this week? Do let me know in the comments!

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