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The double episode of Surkh Chandni aired on Tuesday at ARY Digital. Every character in this episode showed audacity when faced with dire circumstances in this episode. Be it, Aida fearlessly challenging Jawaad , or Amaan (Osmaan Ali Butt) fighting for justice even from behind bars, we see the pluck we have been wanting to see in our favorite couple.

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The 21st and 22nd episodes of Surkh Chandi was flawless and exemplary. Directed by Shahid Shafaat, this action-packed double episode had us on our toes . After last week’s cliffhanger ending, we were impatiently waiting to see how things unfolded.

The episode began right where it had left us gasping last week. After the Jawwad commits the unspeakable, Shumaila is left baffled and scared but Jawaad manhandles her to shut her up. She find herself trapped in the hole she dug out for others. Mansha Pasha, was flawless, with her playing the trapped mouse fighting for a way out, immaculately. Asad Siddiqui as villainous Jawwad leaves us stunned and scared for those around him.He portrays the dark face of society in form of his avatar.

Surkh Chandini provides a wide array of characters and the way characters like Aida have undergone change is admirable. All the actors have carried their avatars well and make them relateable. Osman Khalid Butt showed what a diverse actor he is, with highly expressive & powerful acting. He and Sohai Ali Abro complemented each other off perfectly, with their emotions and dialogues in perfect sync with each other.

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The artistic eye of Shahid Shafaat was immensely noticed in this episode. The screenplay was perfectly visualized in every set & the cinematography needs to be commended as well. The transition from one scene to the next was smooth and didn’t seem forced at all. The level of anticipation that this episode raised was definitely high.

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The best scene and most moving scene of last night episode was when Aida stands up against the tyranny of Jawaad to his face. We see the kind of courage we have always wanted to see from our favorite character and Sohai Ali Abro gives an exemplary performance.

This episode was resounding and impactful , staying true to its theme, it also highlighted the corruption & negligence of our police system. Not a single dialogue or expression was overdone and was filled with fervor & emotion. Hats off to the Asma Nabeel, for writing a praiseworthy script.

This week’s episode ended on a somber note, however the positivity that Aida shows had us all praying for things to work out for this girl who has been through so much. We had high hopes for this serial and we haven’t been disappointed at all. Surkh Chandini offers an engaging story one that has something different to offer.We look forward to seeing what is next.

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