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After last week’s depressing episode where Aida’s father commits suicide and things turn even dark for our protagonist Aida, beautifully portrayed by Sohai Ali Abro, the somber mood for this week’s episode was already set.  Directed by Shahid Shafaat Surkh Chandni aired its 11th and 12th double episode on ARY Digital this Tuesday. It was an action-packed double episode where we see a little bit of everything from rage and hopelessness, to love and the will to carry on.

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The episode begins with Aida trying to murder Jawad and getting jailed for the attempt.  Still, the same manipulative, conniving and ungrateful woman we have all come to loathe, Mansha Pasha as Shumaila creates a scene in the house by saying that this attempt at Jawad’s murder by Aida is the cherry on top of the issues the family was already facing. Mukhtaar acts out as the typical domineering male in our patriarchal society as he tells his mother that every decision in this house will be his from now on, cutting ties with his sister.

It is refreshing to see themes & topics in our industry which create awareness and evoke discussions. The realistic & raw depiction of how Amaan and his mother try to arrange bail for Aida under the direction of Shahid Shafaat is laudable. We get a look at the multi-faceted issues which Aida faces and will have to face in the days to follow. All in all, it was a well-directed, well-acted episode, albeit a bit depressing as things get worse for Aida. The rage, anger, and frustration can be seen clearly in Aida’s eyes when she is in jail.

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The physical, mental & emotional trauma that Aida had to go through has taken a toll on her and is portrayed by the impeccable acting of Sohai Ali Abro. We really hope that something positive happens for Aida in the next episode and we get to see the culprit paying for his sins.

After Aida, Jawad has set his eyes on another victim, Shumaila. The on-screen tension is totally palpable between Asad Siddiqui and Mansha Pasha as we see development in the characters and storyline concerning their relationship with each other.  We are anxiously waiting to see what happens in the love-lives of this villainous duo.

The way Asma Nabeel has portrayed the plight of acid victims and their families is truly commendable. The script of this episode was epic, with the dialogues written to crisp perfection.  All the actors deserve to be praised for their on-point acting skills especially Osman Khalid Butt with his excellent dialogue execution and perfect expressions. We can totally see the pain & the struggle in the lines of his face when he begs Jawad (Asad Siddiqui) to take the case back.

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The highlight of this episode is the on-point acting of Osman Khalid Butt, as his pain and struggle is depicted in his every action and movement as he tries his best to free Aida.  The humiliation on his face when he kneels in front of Jawad followed by the relief as Aida comes home is portrayed perfectly and his acting skills need to be applauded here.

This week’s episode ends on a cliff hanger because of which we are anxiously awaiting for the next week’s episode. The potential twist in the next episode has left the viewers on their toes.  We had high hopes for this serial and so far we haven’t been disappointed. The next episode promises to be action-packed as we would most likely see Aida and Amaan getting married. Fingers crossed that a bit of happiness finds its way in the life of Aida after all the trauma!

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