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Directed by Shahid Shafaat, the 25th& 26th episodes of Surkh Chandni aired night and we are still catching our breath from all the twist and turns in it. After last week’s episode where Amaan ends up behind the bars, we were hoping to see things work out in the favor of our favorite couple and this indeed happens in tonight’s episode.

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The episode begins with Aida pouring her heart out by the bed-side of her brother, Mukhtaar. We have to applaud the casting directors for having assembled such a stellar cast. The versatile Sohai Ali Abro as Aida steals the show in each episode with her amazing portrayal of such a tough & complex character. The way she fits perfectly into her character, depicting the pain & agony as well as the will to survive is definitely applause-worthy.

Surkh Chandni has been amazing in bringing the ugliness of our society to life. In this episode, true to its theme, we see the police system failing badly as not only an innocent man is facing jail time because of a made-up case, but we also see a criminal escaping from the grips of law. Our system is plagued with corrupt policemen and the poor & helpless people are left with nothing when they try to fight against injustice.

Heart-throb of many, Osmaan Khalid Butt also shines in his role as the ever-loving, ever loyal husband, making us believe that true love does indeed exist in this world. The scene where he comes back from jail and embraces Aida was full of powerful emotions that were depicted perfectly by both the actors.

Asad Siddiqui has outdone himself in this episode. Ever the villain, he refuses to give up even when everything seems to go against him. Every scene with him in it was perfectly executed, be it the murder of his mother (Gul-e-Rana) at his hands or his heartless shooting of Shumaila.

Although Mansha Pasha didn’t get much screen time in this episode, still she manages to leave an imprint in our minds in the few scenes where she does appear. Finally sick of all the evil she has had a hand in, Shumaila is ready to repent.

Shahid Shafaat’s brilliant direction can be seen in every scene of this episode. The story line has been kept pretty realistic by the writer Asma Nabeel . Last night’s episode had so many twists in it that we spent half of the time on our toes. Be it the scene where Jawaad tries to murder to Mukhtaar or the scene where Jawaad actually commits one, Asma Nabeel surely knows how to keep the fire of intrigue burning.

However, there is one thing which we have an issue with and it was pointed out previously as well – Aida’s makeup. Where we can see the scar in a few scenes, it seems to blend in completely with Aida’s face in others. The scar makes up seems to keep changing in every scene. This is a serial which raises awareness about acid attacks, and the portrayal of Aida’s scar could have been made more realistic.

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Surkh Chandi, with its thought-provoking narrative, and Shahid Shafaat’s brilliant direction has been an amazing ride. What are your thoughts about tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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