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With all the happenings in last night’s episode, our minds need a breather. With the last week’s episode leaving our protagonists Aida (Sohai Ali Abro) and Amaan (Osman Butt) with uncertain futures, we needed them to come out of the rut of constant struggle. We got that and a lot more!

Under the efficient direction of Shahid Shafaat, the 19th and 20th episodes of Surkh Chandi aired last night, and we are left cheering for Team Aida. This double-episode had everything from pain and happiness for our favorite couple with a development in the story line which will definitely have the viewers cheering.

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The episode begins with Aida starting to make a life on her own, and Amaan (Osman Khalid Butt) still struggling to find her. Though we had lost hope that Aida will see sense and go back to Amaan who loved her, something good happens for both of them which gets them back together. We were fervently hoping that Amaan, the epitome of love and loyalty, gets the peace he deserves and this does happen in tonight’s episode. With our protagonists back together and things looking bright and shiny for them, we are all left with smiles on our faces.

Trapped, wanting to run and cannot find the way out? This is how Shumaila (Mansha Pasha) must have felt in tonight’s episode. With the noose named Jawaad (Asad Siddiqui) getting tighter around her neck, she finds something about Jawaad’s first wife that fills her with dread and leaves her terrified. Stuck between rock and a hard place, Shumaila doesn’t know how to save her hide. We have to appreciate her acting skills, with her playing the sly lover, the protective mother and the vengeful wife all to perfection.

After finding out the plot against Mukhtaar, Aida’s mother finally breaks her silence and we all sighed with relief at this development. The scene where she faints as soon as she reaches her sister’s house seemed a bit overdone, but we give it a pass.

The struggle of an acid victim is something which cannot be portrayed through words and screenplay alone. But Kudos to Asma Nabeel who has pulled off this feat remarkably well. Every single dialogue did justice to the theme of the story.  With several narratives running together simultaneously, we were a bit worried about them all coming seamlessly together. But the direction of Shahid Shafaat has done leaves us satisfied. We got to see a well-directed, well-written episode tonight.

 One thing that we did find confusing was the inconsistency with the makeup of Sohai Ali Abro. At times her face would seem devoid of any acid burn scarring, while at others we could see the slight scarring on her face. All the actors performed pretty well but Osman Khalid Butt steals the show with his moving expression & excellent dialogue execution throughout the entire episode.

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This week’s episode ended on a positive and brave note as Aida and her family decide to stand up against the villain Jawaad. With Mukhtaar home, things look dire for Shumaila and Jawaad. We had high hopes for this serial and we haven’t been disappointed at all.

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