suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

The house has formed a divide once again and this time over non family members. Pari and Joji had a row over a kurta , the other family members weigh in and take side.

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Pari and Joji’s fights are a treat to watch and the way they take a jibe at each other with their insults is completely hilarious. Pari once again was on the verge of leaving the house but is stopped by the very emotional Jalal and fierce Shahana.

Mithu saddened by Huma’s rejection and treatment, devises a plan to tease Huma by taking pictures with Meena. The two couples have finally gotten married.

Once again there wasn’t much development in terms of story and the family members were pretty busy bickering over small issues.The drama does have small cute moments that make this serial fun to watch. Every character in the drama is quite a character and add their own touch.

Arsal and Jiya’s chemistry is adorable and the budding romance between Agha Jan and Bi Jan is too cute.The highlight of the episode without doubt was the fight.

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Matters seem to be wrapping up very nicely and it will be interesting to see what new issues will be rising after the wedding. With Arsal and Jiya gearing up for London it seems like things may not go just as well as they had planned.


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