Suno Chanda 2

Last night’s episode was very eventful. Mithu and Meena’s love story took off. However where ever there is Mithu trouble follows so naturally Jalal gets suspicious and all hell breaks loose.

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Pari manages to empty everyone’s pockets to buy a new phone for Meena, and she manages to do so without others suspecting. Arsal and Jiya are as always fighting. Masooma and Jalal continue to demand for their share, and Bee Jan is now convinced that she should comply with their wishes.

In this episode the best scene was when Jalal and Mithu get into a fight and Jiya has to intervene to stop them. It is so hilarious and actually appalling to see Jalal’s double standards. On one end he cannot stop flirting with other women despite being married. And when it comes to his own niece, he makes it a matter of honor.

Mithu has become one of our favorite additions to the show, he may be endearing but the way he has won Meena over is commendable. He may not always get things right but in this particular matter he has passed with flying colors.

With only few episodes left,we look forward to seeing how it ends. Lets hope Arsal and Jiya can sort out their problems soon and we seen a few happy episodes.

The fights are no longer adorable, as they have taken a very serious tone. We like their cute gimmicks and hope to see more of that. Like in this episode Arsal ruins the ending of a show for Jiya. This kind of teasing is fun, but dragged fights become annoying. In fact it is the other characters that seem to be pushing the narrative forward instead of them .

Being the protagonist they share a beautiful chemistry but their fights usually put a damper on it. This episode was an exception, as in the last scene the two have an argument and the emotions that are exhibited in this scene are amazing, we can sense chemistry and heartbreak.

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By now we do not expect the narrative to be more than what it is which is completely fine. The drama’s character and mischievous acts around the house is what keeps the drama entertaining and we are all for it.


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