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Last night’s episode was very happening. Just when we had thought that all the new additions were here for this season, another character has been introduced to us.

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Not only this, Arsal and Jiya have made up and are now planning on staying in London together. They share a very good chemistry when they are not fighting and the friendly vibe that they had during this episode was refreshing. Now that Arsal and Jiya have found a solution, their troubles are not behind them, as they still need to convince Arsal’s parents.

Arsal and Jiya from Suno Chanda 2

Jalal and Pari have landed themselves in jail and Meena from Peshawar has arrived. Mithu is having a ball as now he is planning on pursuing Meena instead. Kinza and Sherry’s relationship is about to hit a bump as well with Meena’s arrival.

For the previous two episode the drama seemed to only be centering around one issue, this episode was good in terms of pacing. It has also set basis for upcoming episodes. So it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Mithu and Meena

There isn’t much variety in terms of sets, however that isn’t really an issue since it is the story that keeps us engaged enough to notice any other details. All the actor have this amazing chemistry with each other and it is pretty amazing to see them maintain it after a whole year. Also there is never a dull moment in the episode, and we stay engaged and entertained throughout. The comedy punches and fights are extremely amusing.

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Besides the protagonists, a few characters that manage to stand out in the drama are Pari and Shahana. Nadia Afghan in particular is fun to watch, her fluent Punjabi accent and authoritative nature allows her to own the scene. Meena has made a bombastic entry as well, it will be interesting to see what she brings to the table.

All and all, it is good that the story has recovered before getting stuck in a rut. It is very rare that we get a well scripted and balanced comedy that is for a mature audience who prefer a well groomed narrative instead of a distasteful one. The following episode will most certainly be entertaining to check out!

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