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Now that the wedding festivities are over for the time being, this episode focused on the London issue. Both Arsal and Jiya are trying to form alliances to win their case. The way they are manipulating and acting is completely hilarious and keep us entertained on the the other wise monotonous issue. Its seem like Arsal has taken a page from Jiya’s book on fake crying and using it his advantage.

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Shahana is an exemplary mother in law and highly entertaining . She was certainly the highlight of the episode. The way she sided with Jiya and scolded Arsal was mind blowing. Also the way she tries to pacify issues between Nagina and Pari is commendable.

Shahana and Jiya From Suno Chanda 2

Although the episode was well spread out among all family memebers this time around there wasn’t much they were adding to the narrative and the episode undeniably just focused on Arsal and Jiya’s conflict.

Not much happened during the episode story wise, which may start to become a problem as eventually the entertaining characters that are serving as distraction will no longer be able to cover up the fact that the plot is going extremely slow.

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Mithu’s failed attempts to impress Huma are hilarious and DJ’s involvement is further making matters worse.It is good that the drama has finally started to address the stereotypes that have been naturally inserted in the drama, although it is just through Jiya but still.

Pari and Mithu from Suno Chanda 2

The best performer in this episode is a tie between Jiya and Shahana as both did their part well.The narrative needs to pick up pace and stay crisp other wise this drama will lose its charm and it will be sad to see this happen.

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